Employees of Ballard Power Systems and a team of enthusiastic friends will build up a vehicle running by fuel cells which masters a distance of 3000km with only 3kg hydrogen (equals to 11 litres of gasoline).The German Federal Environment Ministry has got the patronage for the record drive.


with 3kg of hydrogen

The 3000-km-drive is well prepared for the press and will be escorted by a TV-Team. In september of 2004 it starts in Berlin with final destination Barcelona via Netherlands and France.

(Start: 7th of September 2004)

total duration: 15 days

Stops on the way are communes and innovative companies. Their technical concepts will be presented.

netto driving time: 12 days

The target:

Robustness of the fuel cell technology

Europe-wide demonstration and promotion of mobil fuel cell and hydrogen technology

Promotion of innovative companies

Companies of the energy and technology branch (sustainability, jobs...)

„Small is beautiful“

Promotion of innovative and sustainible mobility.

Combination of fun and energy efficiency